This section contains the results of plugin inspections and reviews that we conduct for our clients.

We release them publicly to help the community make better decisions about plugin use, and to help plugin authors increase the quality of their code.

Please read this site's terms of service before taking any action based on information published here.

Twitter Hashtag Feed Widget Versions: 1.0.2

A sidebar widget that creates a simple, clean Twitter feed of a specified hashtag.

Plugin Security Scanner Versions: 1.4.1

This plugin determines whether any of your plugins have security vulnerabilities. It does this by looking up details in the WPScan Vulnerability Database.

Archived Post Status Versions: 0.3.7

Creates an "archive" post status that hides archived content from non-admins

Disable Real MIME Check Versions: 1.0

Restores the ability to upload non-image files in WordPress 4.7.1 and 4.7.2. Please remove the plugin once WordPress 4.7.3 is available!

Subscribe2 Versions: 10.21

Sends a list of subscribers emails when you publish new posts.

Revisionize Versions: 1.2.1

A Wordpress plugin for staging revisions or variations of published content.

Stop User Enumeration Versions: 1.3.8

User enumeration is a technique used by hackers to get your login name if you are using permalinks. This plugin stops that.

YouTube Versions: 11.8.1

YouTube Embed and YouTube Gallery WordPress Plugin. Embed a responsive video, YouTube channel, playlist gallery, or live stream

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